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TRYPO provides well-rounded music education programs and performance opportunities for young people to foster lifelong passion, appreciation and support of music. We need your help to continue our mission!

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Day of Giving POSTPONED!

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties with the national donation platform, The Pittsburgh Foundation has decided to suspend the Pittsburgh Day of Giving. (See press release HERE.)

HOWEVER... TRYPO is declaring PARTIAL VICTORY! TRYPO was in the Top 10 all day, and we learned that we did indeed surpass Level 2 of 100 donors! Because of our awesome trajectory (we raised $7,199 matched dollar for dollar to $14,398 with 101 donors able to participate!) we are declaring PARTIAL VICTORY!

Since we believe we would have hit 200 donors today (and will get the rest of the way there on Round 2!), Saturday's rehearsal and subsequent video will indeed include an appearance by BOTH...

*drum roll please*...

Cookie Monster and Big Bird!

Thank you to those who followed up and went out of your way to make it happen (or at least tried to!). We definitely can win the rest of our matching pool, and we definitely have a very good shot at that $10,000 extra prize. Nothing is lost as all donations made today will still be counted towards the prize and incentives. Additionally, The Pittsburgh Foundation has announced there will be ANOTHER $100k in incentive prizes to sweeten the deal. We are excited for a smoother Round 2 and we will put our heads together for some new incentive levels to get us the rest of the way there (Mwahahahaha!!!!) Stay tuned! We love our TRYPO Friends!

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