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The Day of Giving is coming!

The Day of Giving is coming!

What happens when you mix community service, a national day of giving, and a little friendly competition?

This year, TRYPO’s Day of Giving Campaign is called Give to Give.

Student Teams from Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras are competing against each other to determine which team can do the most to give back to our community.

So your support of TRYPO on Tuesday December 3 will go even further!

Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the pledge form below to sign up for supporting TRYPO on the Day of Giving. Your e-mail address is used to link your pledge to the donation. You will receive a few e-mails about your pledge itself, but your e-mail preferences will definitely be observed! Be sure to designate a Student Team to support!
  2. Closer to the Day of Giving (Tuesday December 3), you will receive e-mail instructions and reminders about where and how to give. (Probably one e-mail a day or two before, one or two on the Day of Giving, and one follow up e-mail a few days after the Day of Giving with the results.)
  3. Make your donation on Tuesday, December 3 to TRYPO! A pledge that is linked to a completed donation on the Day of Giving will allocate 5 points to the student team.
  4. The student team with the most points as of December 15 will receive a January prize to enjoy together. (Yes, they have other ways they can earn points.)

Some of the Student Service this semester includes:
* The “Secondary Naturals” are doing a bake sale to benefit homeless children in the region….
* The “Melodic Minors” are organizing a toy drive for children’s hospitals…
* Individual students are doing community performances throughout the region!

…and they’re just getting started!