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2023 PMEA District 1 Honors Audition Prep

PMEA District 1 Honors Audition Prep Clinic
Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras (TRYPO) is thrilled to unveil an exciting summer initiative to provide honors band/orchestra audition preparation for students in grades 9 through 12. This FREE clinic is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and insights to excel in their honors auditions, offering a head start as they transition into the fall of 2023.
Scheduled for June 28th from 9:30 AM to 12 Noon PM, this session promises to be a transformative experience for aspiring musicians. The clinic will feature valuable objectives to guide students toward success:
  • Expert Guidance: TRYPO is selecting some of our region’s finest musicians to serve as clinicians for this event. These professionals will model the solo audition repertoire, showcasing appropriate stylistic interpretation and phrasing and providing students with invaluable examples to emulate.
  • Development of Practice Routines: Attendees will receive expert advice on developing practice routines. These routines will be geared toward the essential skills required to perform the audition repertoire successfully. A more detailed schedule will be coming soon!
  • Ensemble Session: There will also be a short ensemble reading session for String Orchestra & Symphonic Band scheduled along with the individual solo clinics.
TRYPO is committed to fostering growth and excellence in young musicians. By partnering with esteemed musicians from the area, we ensure participants receive top-notch instruction and invaluable mentorship.

Students interested in early preparation are urged to complete the registration form below and join TRYPO for this extraordinary event.

PMEA District 1 Honors Audition Prep Clinicians:

Alyssa Pysola, flute

Scott Bell, oboe and bassoon

Jack Howell, clarinet

Joe Scheller, saxophone

Erica Guidroz, horn

Chad Winkler, trumpet

Jim Nova, trombone

Abby Lannan, euphonium and tuba

Hanna Kim, percussion

Irene Cheng, violin

Marylene Gringas-Roy, viola

Charlie Powers, cello

John Moore, bass