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TRYPOsphere Composition Zoom Class from 2020-21 Season

You have entered the TRYPOsphere! – a cosmic series of online and in-person classes designed to strengthen musical and media arts skills while you’re having a blast with other musicians! Last season, we launched the series for students of all experience levels, and we met exceptional students interested in growing their musical knowledge and improving performance skills.


Enrollment is now open for Fall 2021! Register using the link below by October 21, 2021. Non-TRYPO members are welcome to enroll. Encourage a friend to take a class with you and work on a joint project together!


Please register by October 21, 2021.
To move ahead with each class, a minimum number of students must sign up. Please keep a lookout for an email with your class meeting details after October 21.

Contact Alyssa Hensley for more information: Alyssa@trypo.org

Scroll down for information about the TRYPOsphere school-year program!

Your TRYPOsphere voyage includes:

  • Weekly classes with incomparable faculty – 2021-22 classes include Conducting, Composition, Music Theory, and Professional Development. 
  • Technology support for solo and group assignments.
  • Harmonious scheduling to accommodate your YC² and large ensemble commitments.
  • Forever be a member of the #TRYPOfam! Our theme this season is, Accentuate the Positive, and we can’t wait to accentuate the positives with you this year!

2021-22 Course Offerings

Apprentice Conducting Program (ACP 1) with Maestro Brian Worsdale

Students must be able to participate in-person (Duquesne University and First Presbyterian Church, downtown)
Prerequisite: Intro to Conducting or Conducting Classes in Summer of 2020 or 2020-21 academic year OR Letter of recommendation from your school music teacher.

Buckle up for this thrilling opportunity to truly learn the craft of conducting and how to influence the sound of an ensemble by working with live musicians! You will be expected to attend rehearsals of the various large and small TRYPO ensembles to observe different conducting styles and rehearsal techniques.  Weekly sessions will include discussion of in-depth score study, special guests, and listening and research homework assignments. Conducting opportunities are also possible.

Ages 14-19. This class will meet Saturdays from 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM at the large ensemble rehearsal locations, starting mid-October through January 2022.

Composition with Professor Robert Traugh

Students will start online and and have the option to move to in-person as class progresses
Prerequisite: Students should have a prior rudimentary understanding of music theory, as well as access to music notation software (free version: MuseScore or NoteFlight), and a digital workstation (free version: GarageBand for Mac and Audacity for PC).

Ignite your creative juices as you work with composer Robert Traugh to explore a variety of compositional practices through guest interviews, guided exploration, and short composition assignments designed to build a notebook of ideas you can continue to expand upon far into the future. The class will host at least one super awesome guest speaker, as well as a very special collaboration with Youth Chamber Connection students who will participate in a reading session of your work.

Ages 14-19 (Exceptions may apply. Contact rob@trypo.org with questions.) This class will meet on Wednesdays 4:30 – 6:00 PM starting mid-October through January 2022.

Music Theory with Professor Pierce Cook

Students will participate online

Join the exploration to unearth the integral connection between music theory and performance. With the building blocks of musical compositions, students will study the basics of theory as well as the nuances in phrasing, musicality, styles, and the rich history behind a variety of music throughout time and space. Students will learn to analyze a piece of music and demonstrate ideas learned in class.

Ages 12-19. This class will meet on Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30 PM, starting mid-October through January 2022.


Introduction to Conducting with Maestro Brian Worsdale

Students will participate online

Blast off into the study of what it means to be a conductor! You will grow your musical knowledge by learning the basics of score study and conducting techniques, reviewing well-known and lesser-known performances, and exploring the history and personal biography that affected the composers’ work. Enjoy a weekly session including discussions, special guests, listening and research assignments, and more. This class will teach you the basics needed to become a candidate for the Apprentice Conducting Program.

Ages 14-19

Professional Development with Teaching Artist Theresa Abalos

Students will participate online

In this class, students will learn the basics of selling themselves: creating resumes through the art of storytelling, advocating for your brand, and marketing yourself to the public. Perfect for those looking to apply to college, summer festivals, and especially for those who enjoy entrepreneurial adventures. Enjoy guest speakers from all over the country. With savvy new skills, students will collaborate on a full semester project.  

Ages 13-19



Tuition: Fall 2021 Tuition Fees are as follows. We know that in this year, finances might be even tighter than usual. TRYPO will never turn a student away due to limited financial resources. TRYPOsphere classes are eligible for financial assistance, and the process to apply is easier than ever! Visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information about scholarships.

TRYPOsphere Tuition Fees Spring 2021 Amount
Tuition (per class per semester) $300
Less $50 Household Discount per class per semester if the student or a sibling is enrolled in a TRYPO or PYSO large ensemble (YPO, SYM, WS, PE), YC², or another TRYPOsphere class in the 2021-22 Season, or a current CAPA student.) -$50 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at staff@trypo.org.