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How has TRYPO responded to COVID-19?

Virtual TRYPO!   

  • All ensembles have been meeting virtually via Zoom since March, and sessions have included listening and recording assignments, guest speakers (conductors, composers, and musicians), among other activities.

  • We are also doing all new member auditions for next season via Zoom, and we have loosened some of the audition requirements in consideration that all students might not be able to meet with their teachers.   

Adding (not subtracting) programming!  

  • We have leaned into Distance Learning, adding classes, and engagement as much as possible! Even though we can’t be together physically, we are taking every opportunity to be together virtually and engage with musicians from all over the country to inspire our students.
  • Bi-weekly Apprentice Conducting Class is now meeting weekly.
  • Large ensembles have extended programming through the end of May when it normally would have ended with the early May concert.
  • Virtual masterclasses and “section hangs” for mid-week connections!
  • Virtual summer courses in subjects that really work well over Zoom, such as overdubbing and composition to be announced!   

We’re still performing!   

  • Students and guests perform for each other via Zoom on Saturdays.   
  • It looks different, but all ensembles are working on content for a virtual concert on May 30!   

What has been cancelled?  

  • TRYPO’s much-anticipated performance in Carnegie Hall, NYC in March 2020 was one of the first things to be cancelled. Our presenter was able to secure a significant refund for us, and TRYPO is making up the difference for families and offering full refunds.  
  • Dozens of Youth Chamber Connection community performances have been cancelled due to stay-at-home order.  
  • TRYPO’s May 10 concert and silent auction at Carnegie Music Hall was cancelled.   
  • TRYPO’s May 16 Percussion Ensemble and Wind Symphony concert at Duquesne University was cancelled.  
  • TRYPO’s Open Reading Day was cancelled.  
  • TRYPO has decided that YPO’s mandatory season starting Mini-Camp over Labor Day weekend cannot be an overnight experience. It will either be local or virtual.  

How is TRYPO planning for next season?  

  • TRYPO is watching Gov. Wolf’s plans for re-opening, school district plans, as well as Duquesne University to help guide our plans for returning to in-person content.  
  • We are planning three tracks of content for next season to keep students engaged no matter what. We plan to be able to move between tracks as needed depending on the resurgence of the virus over the next year:  
    • Track A: Everything is awesome and normal! All ensembles can meet inperson, and there are no restrictions on group sizes.  
    • Track B: We are limited in group size. This track focuses in-person gatherings on sectional work and chamber music. Virtual gatherings are used for full ensemble meetings.  
    • Track C: Stay-at-home orders are in effect, and TRYPO is entirely virtual.

  • We are working on revamping attendance policies to ensure that students stay at home if they are feeling ill and can still stay on top of their responsibilities as TRYPO members.  
  • We also will be watching carefully to follow all established protocols for safety measures for in-person content.   
  • We are aware that scholarship needs might be higher next year. We are working on keeping expenses low and are budgeting for increased scholarship support.   
  • We will be engaging more with student leadership – especially high school seniors – moving forward.   
  • The 2020-21 Season was scheduled to be a travel year. We do not anticipate that we will be able to plan the type of international experience we would have in a typical year due to the vast number of unknowns. If we can plan something in June 2021 domestically, we will do that as long as it is safe!