We are so close to our performance at Carnegie Hall on June 14, Conquer Carnegie, Take Three: For Real This Time! Our original performance at Carnegie Hall, NYC, was to have been in April 2020…and it was one of the first things cancelled for all of us. So the concert will be a cathartic and celebratory event, and we’re going all out! Not only did we invite all the young musicians who were supposed to go in 2020 but have already graduated, but we also invited our younger orchestra and added on three school concerts as well. One hundred twelve young musicians will perform on that iconic stage. This performance represents so much more than the incredible music they will perform… it is a symbol of renaissance, of survival, and of triumph over adversity in every sense of the words. These students want to show themselves, their families, and the world that COVID-19 did not defeat them! Decades from now, these experiences will be a fundamental part of the foundation of their lifelong love of this art form! 

• • •

To seize the momentum, TRYPO is launching a “$30K in 30 Days” campaign to make sure we honor these commitments and fully bridge the gap between participation fees, scholarship awards, and the actual costs of the life-changing Carnegie Hall experience for our students.

We started off in a quiet phase and are excited to tell you that we are already almost halfway there between a gift of $5,000 and three gifts of $2,500, among other support from the board of directors. Additionally, we are adding in all the donations that have already come in from the “Brand New Way” Concert and donations from families who recently participated in fundraising efforts and donated those proceeds to the scholarship fund! 

Total pledges and gifts already total: $25,000!

This matters more than you can imagine. The past two + years of navigating the challenges of COVID-19 have been for the history books, but we are incredibly proud of what these students have achieved. Thank you for helping us get there!

Your gift will get us closer to unlocking the How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, Practice, Practice campaign we launched this past Giving Tuesday! Learn more about the details here.

2021-22 Annual Campaign